Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is a 5th Indiana Jones Movie a Great Idea?

Folks, I'm torn here... I loved the first 3 Indiana Jones movies. So much that I honestly can't pick a favorite! I tried to like the 4th one, and for some parts of it I didn't think it was as bad as everyone made it out to be. For the most part though, it wasn't an Indiana Jones film as far as I'm concerned. So the idea of a 5th installment is both exciting and scary all at the same time.
The movie communicant as a whole I think admits they didn't like the 4th film much at all. Yet Harrison Ford is ready to give it another go. So perhaps this newer generation of film makers will be able to re-capture the franchise and give it a proper sendoff. A 5th movie would most likely be the last I'm assuming...

It's obvious as to why anyone would be excited for another film, but let's talk about what we're really afraid of. Yes, Shia LaBeouf. He played the son of Indiana Jones in the 4th film and would most likely reprise his role in the second. Look, the guy was great was he was on the Disney Channel but his appearance in 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' was distracting and unnecessary. I'm far from interested in seeing him return.

People want Indiana as he was! Ok, so he's 71 years old... That doesn't stop Stallone at 67 though! Let the guy kick some ass! The reason I bring up Sylvester Stallone is because another article on IGN predicts that Harrison Ford may be in 'The Expendables 3." It also mentions Nicholas Cage as well but please for the love of god don't get me started! Point is, if Ford is in good enough shape for Expendables, LaBeouf is a far from necessary addition to the Indiana Jones franchise.

I guess time will tell. For now, I'm going to enjoy Ender's Game and focus on Star Wars Episode VII. All this talk of ruining my childhood even more is going to give me nightmares!

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