Saturday, September 7, 2013

Apple Considering Larger Screen for Future iPhones

iPhone users such as myself may be more or less excited about this news. As it turns out, the iPhone 6 may be the first iPhone to feature a larger screen like it's Android competitors. As an iPhone user (for now) I don't know how I feel about this change. Some could argue that the best thing about the iPhone is it's sleek design that actually fits in a normal sized pocket.

What's funny to me is how proud Apple was when they made the iPhone 5 screen longer rather than wider. They had this whole campaign dedicated to showing people that the phone was still easy to hold while offering a larger display. This seems to be a trend with these big tech companies these days... They all start out making an original product that they're proud of, and then later "borrowing" the concepts of their competitors.

For me I feel it's already too late. After iOS7 promised to change the entire design of the phone, I decided to jump ship next time I get an upgrade. This decision isn't out of spite, but more for convenience. I'm a PC user, and a Google advocate. I use Google Chrome for everything and I love it! It seems silly not to have an Android phone and Apple is just making this decision for me at this point.

Speaking of iOS7 though I have to say... What a horrible change! If you haven't seen the new design you should take a look. It looks exactly like an Android now in every way! Some people actually love it but I'm not one of them. The current iPhone displace is rich and full of depth and color. I can't understand this new artistic trend of flat, boring colors. It's 2013! Why are we reverting back to this ugly style of art for our futuristic technologies?!

Anyway tell me how you feel, iPhone user or not! I'm not asking to have a war between which phone is better because those are useless... Do you think Apple should make their screens bigger? Do you like the upcoming design changes?