Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Netflix VS. Hulu VS. Amazon - Take Our Poll!

These days, it's possible to see just about any TV show or movie there is without ever ordering cable, or in most cases, leaving your home. Just subscribing to one of the three main services (Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime) should hold you over for a very long time if you're looking for something to watch.

What's the one awful thing about all of these companies...?

Exclusivity. It's a huge issue for me, and the main reason that it's never just ONE service we need to subscribe for. Thanks to these streaming companies striking "exclusive" contracts, you'll only be able to watch certain content on certain streaming services. When you're a broke 20 something year old like myself, how do you go about choosing just one?

For me, the answer is "You don't. Deal with it!" I have a Netflix subscription as well as a Hulu Plus account. Yes, I know Hulu offers a lot of content for free, but Hulu Plus offers a lot more than people take for granted. Not to mention that every service has content you just can't get anywhere else.

Then there's Amazon Prime... I still haven't jumped on the Amazon Prime band wagon just yet. I probably should, since I shop there a lot. Considering Amazon offers a lot of stream-able content, and a bunch of other various Prime benefits, its seems to me like it should be no contest! From what I've seen from Prime though, they still have a few things to sort out.

Netflix and Hulu let multiple people stream from one account, while Amazon Prime does not. For myself, that's a huge draw back. Perhaps the most annoying part about Prime though, is there selection of movies is a bit strange at times. Some of them can be streamed for no additional charge if you're a subscriber. Yet some movies look as though they can be streamed, yet you need to pay an additional fee to rent them. At least on Neflix if the movie isn't there, that's that. Maybe this is a good feature though? Could Prime be on to something?

Recently it's been said that Netflix may raise their prices again. The price hike could be around 2 or 3 extra bucks a month for the streaming service. They claim it's to help them keep up their contracts so they can contiune giving us all this "amazing content." Yet when I'm on Netflix 90% of their "amazing content" is utter garbage. Perhaps if Netflix offered better movies but charged an additional 1 time rental fee per film, they could keep regular monthly costs down?

Hulu keeps their costs down by showing commercials, even if you're a paying subscriber. A lot of people complain about this, but the price won't be going up any time soon because of it. Some days I wish I COULD give Hulu more money to get rid of the commercials. Regardless, a few extra minutes of my time wasted means less I have to pay per month. Good on 'em!

What do you think though? If you were stranded on WiFi island and could only choose 1 streaming service for the rest of your life, which would it be? Vote on our poll, and maybe leave a comment as well!